Our Services

Site owners:

Does your site perform well in Google? Do you only provide your service in a relatively geographically small area? Would you like to earn revenue for referrals outside of your area? ShowMeAsAvailable.com allows you to refer to others outside of your area and make additional revenue. You get to control who shows up on your contacts page.

You also get to control when and how many show up. At any time you can check your statistics and see how much traffic is flowing through your site and the revenue you are making. If your site doesn´t get great traffic then this service will allow you to gain more traffic. It will allow you to gain referrals from other more prominent sites earning revenue through extra work!

For web developers/administrators:

We provide code to embed into your contacts page that allows the contacts to maintain their contact information. This is ideal for those site where contacts change frequently. Shift workers, volunteers, urgent service providers can all utilise this and manage how, when and where they appear. To keep it simple we also provide user interface code which you can embed on your site that allows users to log in directly from your site. Whilst this is still being managed by our servers it looks as if its part of your website therefore reducing users confusion.

Don´t own a website?

That is not a problem at all. By signing up to ShowMeAsAvailable.com and entering your details you can be added to many other participating sites. You will receive referrals as customers search for your service in your area. This is a cost effective, results based and completely manageable way to advertise your business. The moment you are too busy or unavailable simply change your availability and the advertising of your contact details will be paused saving you money when you are busy and making you money when you are quiet.