Who could use ShowMeAsAvailable.com.au?

Any service based company or organisation! ShowMeAsAvailable.com.au is particularly useful to those companies or organisations that have changing contacts or after hours or emergency contacts. This allows the employee or volunteer to either manually log on or schedule their logon based on their roster. When they log on there contacts are then displayed on their site as well as the selected affiliate sites. When no one from your organisation is available to take calls or the calls are outside of your area you can easily refer all jobs and earn revenue that way.

Is it easy to implement?

Absolutely! Simply sign up and answer a handful of questions. To display the contacts on your page you simply embed the text we send you into your contacts page. You can also embed the admin text in a separate page if you choose. Alternately you can adjust your availability at http://www.showmeasavailable.com.au/yourname. If you have a web administrator this shouldn´t take them more than half an hour.

Can I use it if I don´t have a website?

Absolutely! This allows those without websites appear on others sites. Others who can not service the customer, because of their locality or work load, can easily and automatically refer customers to you. You can manage your account easily and choose how much you spend, where and when.

How much does it cost?

The basic service is FREE. The basic service allows you to control the contacts on your site as well as review the site statistics etc. It allow you to have up to five contacts on your site. It also allows those contacts to control their availability. After embedding the code you simply send them a link with their login details and you are ready to go. Alternately if they already have a login associated with their email address then you simply need to add them to your site in your account. They accept your invitation and the system just works. Our enhanced services

Community groups & volunteer organisations.

ShowMeAsAvailable.com.au is ideal for you! Our service allows you to maintain a contacts list with minimal effort. Essentially volunteers or members update their contact information and availability. The system periodically requires members to verify their contact information, ensuring its always up to date. When an event is planned you simply notify the groups through the site and members fill in their availability. You quickly see who is available and can let the site automatically fill positions or manually assign available people. No more chasing around. If on the day you have people who do not show up you can have the site automatically alert stand by staff. The system works nearly instantly and can therefore be used to solve staff issues in real time.

Can I control who appears on my website?

Yes, you can elect to manually approve all who appear on your website. Many site owners choose this method to ensure quality of the business they are referring to. You can also ensure that a competitor is not listed on your site.